First Spiritualist Church

Of Houston



Spiritualism is the Science, Philosophy and Religion of continuous life, based upon the demonstrated fact of communication, by means of mediumship, with those who live in the Spirit World. (1919)

Classes & Healing

WHo are we?

Unfoldment Wednesday Class with Liana Liles at 7:30 PM

Unfoldment Friday Class

with Ken Pitman at 8:00 PM

John O'Brien

Liana Liles

Ken Pitman

Dwain Briggs

Allison Bell

Gracie Esparza



Saturday, March 21st
 "Electric Sat Sang" with Dwain Briggs 6:30 PM
 $10.00 @ the Door

Saturday, March 28th
 Church Beautification Day  9AM - 3PM
 Mini Readings 10AM -2PM 
 $15.00 for 15 min.

Sunday, March 29th
 Children's Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday service

10:30 AM

Member of National Spiritualist Association of Churches